Webinar Replay: “A sustainable solution – Chem Scan Check™: 0% unexpected chemical risks”

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Webinar Replay: “A sustainable solution – Chem Scan Check™: 0% unexpected chemical risks”

In this video, you will learn more about our new sustainability solution – Chem Scan Check™.

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API experts talk about one of the latest solutions developed by Worms Safety Laboratories to bring a sustainable way for 0% unexpected chemical risks: Chem Scan Check™. Join us to find out how this new solution is already helping some of our partners in their chemical management strategies.

API’s Innovative Chem Scan Check™ Solution

To support our partners in optimizing their testing strategies, we developed Chem Scan Check™ (CSC), which scans for more than 285 hazardous chemical substances in one go. Instead of waiting for a pass/fail outcome for expected chemicals with a traditional testing approach, we offer our partners insight into the potentiality of 285 chemicals that may be present—including those you wouldn’t usually look for in a regular test.

For the first time, a check-through chemical scan gives you visibility on almost all hazardous substances to help prevent ‘unexpected’ non-compliance risks in only 72h.

Read more about this innovative solution here

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Technical Compliance File Solution

In this video, you will learn more about our Technical Compliance File Solutions.

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Brands and retailers are obligated to ensure their products are compliant with market destination standards and regulations, but this is easier said than done.

At API, our TCF solutions help our customers create a digital ID of each product that confirms its compliance to the latest applicable standards and regulations. Find out more about our TCF solutions in this video.


API experts can help you to comply with the strict requirements imposed and beyond leveraging our experience in household goods & toys.

  • Setting the adequate procedures
  • Defining the relevant scope of compliance
  • Helping to define additional quality and safety criteria to go beyond compliance
  • Collecting and validating a high volume of documents quickly
  • Gathering all documents in one single place (available for 10 years)

Read more about our comprehensive product compliance solutions here

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API Solutions for Toys

In this video, you will know more about our comprehensive quality management solutions for toys.

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At API, we offer tailor-made solutions to manage quality and safety right from the early stages of development thanks to our strong toy expertise.


At API we support toy brands across their entire supply chain. Read more about our tailor-made solutions for toys here

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Webinar Replay: “Sustainability Science: ensure your recycled polyester claims are genuine”

In this webinar, you will know more about our scientific solution to verify and quantify recycled polyester.

Watch the Replay on YouTube:

Key topics covered:

  • About sustainability and a circular economy
  • Worms Safety Laboratories overview
  • Recycled polyester verification and testing
  • Q&A

This is a must-watch for all sustainability managers and quality control managers in the household goods and toys industry!

While enjoying the replay of the webinar, you can also download the presentation here. Just fill in the form so we know who you are and where to send it to, and click “Download Presentation” to request your copy.