TCF – Technical & Quality Documentation Support

TCF – Technical & Quality Documentation Support

Product Technical Compliance File (TCF)

Technical Compliance File TCF

Ensuring product’s compliance with market destination standards and regulations is a challenging task.

Some of the common challenges

  • Consumers & time-to-market pressure
  • No dedicated team
  • Large number of references & suppliers
  • Unorganized data collection
  • Stricter regulations & increasing control

Our TCF is a new way to manage product compliance and beyond.

A digital ID of the product:

  • Attesting product compliance with the latest applicable standards & regulations.


  • Applicable protocols
  • Document validation / rejection
  • Validity over the time
Technical Compliance File TCF
Product Technical Compliance File TCF

Key areas where we assist

API experts can help you to comply with the strict requirements imposed and beyond leveraging our experience in household goods & toys.

  • Setting the adequate procedures
  • Defining the relevant scope of compliance
  • Helping to define additional quality and safety criteria to go beyond compliance
  • Collecting and validating a high volume of documents quickly
  • Gathering all documents in one single place (available for 10 years)

Global visibility in 1-single platform

Dedicated and secure access 24/7 to easily keep track of what really matters:
  • Real-time data
  • Suppliers’ performance
  • Tracking & KPIs
  • Full visibility of files in progress / completed / expiring soon
Product Technical Compliance TCF Online platform


Reliable proof and increased visibility made easier


Cost and time savings
(vs. internally handled)

Internal resources allocation in strategic tasks

Fast reply to authorities
(documents available in one click)

Increased consumer satisfaction