Chem Scan Check™

Chem Scan Check™

To support our partners in optimizing their testing strategies, we developed Chem Scan Check™ (CSC), which scans for more than 285 hazardous chemical substances in one go. Instead of waiting for a pass/fail outcome for expected chemicals with a traditional testing approach, we offer our partners insight into the potentiality of 285 chemicals that may be present—including those you wouldn’t usually look for in a regular test.

For the first time, a check-through chemical scan gives you visibility on almost all hazardous substances to help prevent ‘unexpected’ non-compliance risks in only 72h.

Chem Scan Check API Worms Safety

Strong environmental focus

  • Sustainable approach: Complement recycled material approach

Advanced testing system

  • Monitoring within a quality approach of vendors’ empowerment

Strong compliance focus

  • Test what you were not testing today
    (ex: focus on raw material)
  • Tests more + Risk management
  • Combination of substances / regulations

How does Chem Scan Check™ work?

Chem Scan Check™ brings to the market one test run instead of the full substance list test. With only 5g of material, you can receive a screening result in accordance with the AFIRM restricted substance list for your textiles or plastics within 72 hours—and at a cost level that makes sense. The innovative technology is applicable to all products containing plastics and textiles; however, our current scope focuses on textiles, apparel, footwear, and home textiles, including sensitive products such as baby wear.

Innovative Solutions Chem Scan Check How does it work

Product application

  • Unknown source chemicals  
  • Chemical cocktail 
  • Recycled materials
  • Sensitive products


0% unexpected impurities tested 

Increased visibility in a single test of over 285 substances

Results in 72hours 

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