Electrical Products Testing

Electrical Products Testing

API can provide state-of-the-art electrical testing in its accredited labs in Hong Kong and Ningbo, including electrical consumer products such as household appliances, audio-video appliances, electrical sockets and extensions, tools, lighting products, and more.


  • Minimize or solve production issues
  • Confirm product safety
  • Comply with your market’s regulations
  • Protect your brand’s reputation

API can also perform Pre-purchase check solutions.

Pre-purchase tests are including Users test, Construction checks by comparative evaluation of built-in parts against technical documentation and also documentary review (TCF).

The Pre-purchase check includes three integrated processes:

Users Tests:
Evaluate performance, appearance and usability criteria according to normal conditions of use. Tests are performed with detailed procedures according to the normal use of end-users.

Construction Checks:
Safety testing and comparative evaluation of built in parts against technical documentation. Check for any changes made to the products or its components by the factory after certification. Safety checks performed according to the relevant standards applicable in the importing country.

Documentary Review with Technical Compliance File (TCF)

  • Sample collection.
  • Definition of the required document scope.
  • Collection of the required documents ( e.g. CB report, EMC report, EuP, Instruction Manual etc…).
  • All submitted documents are checked for completion, accuracy, validity, authenticity, traceability.
  • The information can be accessed via a private web application database.