Electrical Products Quality Management

Electrical Products Quality Management

When it comes to electrical products, the public’s expectations with regards to safety levels are constantly on the rise. This situation has led to the reinforcement of European Safety Standards, which have become increasingly complex. Brands, retailers, and importers need to constantly monitor for new standards and amendments to avoid compliance issues. For companies with hundreds of products in their portfolios, this complexity can pose a real threat.

The harmonized standard EN 60335 covers the safety of household appliances (mainly white goods) and similar electrical appliances with a rated voltage not higher than 250 V for single-phase appliances and 480 V for the rest of appliances.

The standard is divided into Part One, which provides generic guidelines, and a series of Part Twos, which are product specific,and advice regarding specific requirements for individual products.Within the context of this strict regulatory environment, ensuring that your electrical products are safe and meeting market place standards is the predominant concern of importers. But it is also important to ensure that the products you have selected meet your specifications and deliver the long-term performance for which it has designed.

In terms of safety testing, our laboratories in Hong Kong and Ningbo can perform most of the electrical and mechanical tests. Hong Kong can also provide chemical testing and corrosion testing whereas the Ningbo lab can only provide corrosion testing.

Why entrust API with your Electrical Goods Quality Management?

  • Because we have strong capacities: In 2010 API performed more than 1500 tests on electrical product. Each day, API issues more than 80 electrical product inspections reports.
  • Because we are endorsed by the key sector players: Leading distributors such as Australia’s leading mass market retailers rely on API for their electrical products inspections, and products specialists such as professional electrical equipment suppliers in France rely on API for their electrical quality control and lab testing across Asia.
  • Because we are constantly building our capabilities to meet all market needs: we are currently investing in Europe and Asia in new testing capacities. Our lab in Ningbo is accredited for electrical products testing under the CNAS scheme for the IEC 60335-1 standard.
Our Electrical Products Testing Solutions For Household Goods
Our Electrical Products Testing Solutions for Household Goods

API can currently provide you with:

  • Lab testing report based on the EN 60335 standard in our Ningbo lab.
  • API can also provide pre-purchase check solutions by combining users tests, the construction check and documentary review (TCF) in a single process.
  • HKIAS endorsed third-party inspection based on in-house procedures.

We can also provide you with the capacity to assess the performance of your products by performing:

  • User testing that evaluates product ergonomics and ease of use
  • Comparative testing
Electrical Product Supplier Factory Audit


API’s extensive production line experience and its team of technical auditors, API can help support your company in its efforts to assess your supplier’s capacities. By evaluating its internal quality control capabilities, its overall raw materials traceability or its production equipment you are able to pre-select reliable sources with which to build a good supplier relationship for the long term.

An Example of Audit Process Checkpoints:

To improve your overall product quality, you may sometimes need to analyze the production process in closer details. API Audit has developed Audit grids to help you understand the factory’s overall capabilities from the standpoints of:

  • Product development
  • Identification and traceability
  • Handling of incoming goods
  • Manufacturing process
  • Finished products control
  • Quality assurance