Toy Quality Compliance

Toy Quality Compliance

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Specialists in Advanced Toy Lab Testing

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Decades Of Experience Across The Globe In Toy Quality Compliance

Each day, our specialists issue around 40 different inspection reports on toys, and we’ve worked with international retailers, such as supermarket chains Carrefour, Casino, El Corte Ingles, Woolworths, Tesco and others for over three decades which has given us a deep experience in this sector.

Toy QC Solutions Offered
Supplier Factory Auditing

API offer technical, social, and environmental audits for supplier factories. We can also tailor a mix of all three to suit your expectations and protocols. These audits help to determine if a factory is even capable of producing the quality of products to become your supplier, and whether they’re at risk of being penalised or shut down for environmental or social non-compliance and are therefore a weak link in your supply chain.

Raw Material and Design Stage Testing

The checks begin before products are even made. API’s specialist inspectors will assess whether raw materials, your wider supply chain, and product design will lead to issues in future. If this is deemed to be the case, measures will be put in place to solve them before the factory even starts production.

Quality Inspections

API’s inspectors test your goods at each stage of production, including: Initial Production Check (IPC), During Production Inspection (DUPRO), Inline Inspection, Final Random Inspection (FRI), and Loading Check Inspection.

Pre-shipment Random Testing

After the first order is shipped successfully the work doesn’t end there. API’s inspectors will continue to visit your supplier’s factory to conduct random inspections to a predetermined schedule based on their performance levels, to assure that they are continuing to adhere to your standards.

Why Choose API’s Toy Quality Compliance Solutions?

From product design and development through to shipping, API’s quality inspectors assess whether suppliers and the toys and children’s products themselves are both compliant.

  • We can suggest design issues which can lead to quality issues and failures down the line before production.
  • We’re on the factory floor inspecting products during each stage of production.
  • Subsequent production runs are also tested randomly to hold suppliers to a continually high standard, and to avoid quality fade.
  • Current and potential suppliers’ factories are assessed to your own unique set of criteria. A scorecard is produced (and stored online for your perusal), and any suppliers who do not pass can be overlooked.
API’s Personal Service – Here When You Need Us
Your Own Key Account Manager

Every API client is assigned a key account manager. We know that communication is key and that you choose to work with us for the peace of mind that having dedicated specialists handle your quality assurance gives you, so we’re committed to keeping you in the loop at all times.

Direct Contact With Our Laboratory Specialists

You’ll have direct contact with laboratory specialists undertaking your testing too, something not usually offered by quality assurance providers, as we know that it’s important for you to be able to get real-time information in order to avoid delays should urgent decisions need to be made.

We Make It Easy To Keep In Touch

Your key account manager can be contacted any time during Asian business hours on weekdays, and we also have technical experts standing by who can offer you answers to any queries you may have within 24 hours regardless of when you need them.