Manufacturing Sustainability Services

Manufacturing Sustainability Services

Sustainability starts at the beginning of your supply chain by working with factories that are aligned with your requirements. We can help you assess and improve the environmental and chemical performance of your suppliers to ensure that you are in the right path to achieve your sustainability goals and meet your customer’s demands.
Manufacturing Sustainability Services - benefits

What are the main benefits?

  • Resource optimization and decreased costs thanks to a lower energy, water, materials and packaging consumption.
  • Reduced risks by identifying before the start of the production the facilities that might entail some risks.
  • Enhanced brand image aligned with the increasing consumer demands for sustainable practices.

Our manufacturing sustainability solutions

Environmental Assessments & Solutions / Chemical Assessments & Solutions

We help you truly evaluate, verify and improve the environmental and chemical performance of your manufacturers.

  1. Environmental Audits / Chemical Management Audits based on:
    • A global framework – Fast results thanks to our expertise, experience and specialization.
    • Your own framework – Reinforced by our sustainability knowledge and on-the-field expertise.
    • API’s tailor-made framework – Helping you from scratch with a personalized service.
  2. Capacity building or training following the selected framework.
  3. On-site assessment and reporting.
  4. Coaching and consulting for performance improvement based on the finding of the assessment.

Verification of low impact or Sustainable Processes

Sustainability can be a strong differentiator for manufacturers of household goods. We can help with a detailed verification of processes that are claimed to have low impact vis-à-vis regular processes and the quantification of such low impacts.

Manufacturing Sustainability Services Process Assessment

Manufacturing Sustainability Services Process Assessment

API's added value

Our on-the-ground expertise and our strong presence on the field allows us to have a deep knowledge of the factories processes, challenges and the applicable regulations. We understand your processes, factories and products, and are able to provide bespoke sustainability services that will result in higher levels of efficiency.