Physical & Mechanical Lab Testing

Physical & Mechanical Lab Testing

Evaluate Product Resistance and Usage Overall Safety

Thorough evaluation of the physical and mechanical qualities of a product is crucial to understanding its durability, safety and overall quality to reduce risks for users and guarantee a suitable longevity.

Thanks to its different labs operating in Asia and Europe, API offers its customer a full range of physical and mechanical testing solutions to evaluate your products quality and guarantee conformity to the standard and regulation in their destination market. API’s five laboratories operating close to the largest hard-goods production hubs in Asia, as well as in Europe, provide the following tests.

Mechanical and Physical Testing Benefits

Although some of these testing protocols may not always be included in specific product standards for different markets, API understand that ensuring proper product safety and durability are directly linked to brand adhesion and public recognition for your products.

Managing customer dissatisfaction, product replacement, and warranties can dramatically affect profits, as well as gain unwanted negative attention. Therefore choosing a proper and complete testing protocol like this one is just like choosing to prevent issues, rather than struggling to cure problems which have already occurred.

Physical & Mechanical Lab Testing For Household Goods Evaluate Product Resistance and Usage Overall Safety

Mechanical Testing Solutions

API’s mechanical tests assert your product’s resistance to:

  • Distortion
  • Breaking off
  • Wearing out
  • Tension
  • Hardness
  • Paint adhesion

Physical Testing Solutions

Physical testing solutions API offer include:

  • Durability testing
  • Stability testing
  • Strength testing
  • Corrosion and weather resistance testing
  • Flammability testing

These types of testing can be integrated into a tailor made testing protocol or could be operated one by one as per your requirement. Our lab technical experts and engineers may also support you in defining the best testing combination to meet budget and quality assurance needs.

Mechanical and physical testing can be operated at all the stage of the product’s life: from design, pre production, through to the mass production stage.