Home and Festive Decoration Quality Management

Home and Festive Decoration Quality Management

Why Entrust API with your Festive Decoration Quality Management

Why entrust API with Quality Management of your Festive Decorations?

  • Because we have experience in this particular type of product testing: In 2011 API performed nearly 400 tests on Christmas tree under using this specific protocol. Moreover, API releases 6 festive decoration product inspections reports every day.
  • Because we are endorsed by the key market players: Leading distributors such as the number one gardening products retailer in France entrust API with their Christmas trees testing for the French market.
  • Because we are constantly building our capabilities to meet all market needs: In 2011, we invested in new testing capacities in our recently acquired lab in France. Our lab in Ningbo is also in the process of receiving accreditation for electrical products testing under the CNAS scheme for the IEC 60335-1 standard.

The metallic branches of artificial Christmas trees can potentially cause injuries (sharp ends). Safety regulations regarding artificial Christmas trees branches are defined under the French Decree n° 91-1175 of 13th November 1991. This safety requirement for the sharp ends of artificial Christmas tree states that “Artificial Christmas trees branches ends should be designed to avoid any harm or should be protected.”

With regards to marking the French Decree n° 91-1175 was modified by French Decree n° 2003-1123 of 23 of November 2003 which requires new specifications for labelling. The Decree specifically states that once natural or artificial Christmas trees, their branches, their floral arrangements as soon as they are covered with artificial snow or flocking should be carrying the following warning. “Keep away from live flame or any flammable objects such as candles for example. Fairy lights should always be functioning under human supervision.” The marking as well as the user guide for these products should always bear a marking representing an open flame.

If these products are sold without markings or user guide, a visible marking should always be available at the point of sale. This marking should include warning and pictogram.

With regards to safety testing, our laboratories in Hong-Kong and Vietnam, as well as France, can perform most of the mechanical tests required for Christmas trees. The Hong-Kong lab can also perform candle and candlestick protocol testing.

API Home and Festive Decoration Quality Management

Testing the sharp ends of Christmas trees in our Hong Kong laboratory

API Festive Decoration Testing Solutions

Our Festive Decoration Testing Solutions

  • Lab testing reports based on N° 2003-1123 French Decree as well as the candle protocol in our Hong-Kong lab.
  • Third-party inspection based on in-house procedures.
  • Construction check solutions for the lighting elements in our Ningbo lab.

Audit: Evaluating the Factory from which you are Sourcing

API’s team of technical auditors with extensive production line experience can provide your company with assessments of your supplier’s capacities. By evaluating its internal quality control capabilities its overall raw material traceability and/or its production equipment you can pre-select reliable sources with which to build a good supplier relationship for the long term.


To improve your overall product quality, you may sometimes need to perform a more in-depth analysis of the production process. API Audit has developed Audit grids to help you understand overall factory capabilities in terms of:

  • Product development
  • Identification and traceability
  • Handling of incoming goods
  • Manufacturing process
  • Finished products control
  • Quality assurance
API Festive Decoration Testing Solutions