Recycled Polyester Testing

Recycled Polyester Testing

Growing demand for sustainable products from consumers, governments and NGOs has made the use of recycled materials in fashion such as recycled polyester (rPET) tremendously valuable to brands as well as the environment. But today, there are some challenges related to the use of rPET, such as:

Rpet more expensive than virgin pet
(up to 50%)

Lack of reliable proofs


Our Solution
Innovative Sustainable Science:
Recycled Polyester Testing – Verification & Quantification

18 months research 
BEST solution to determine IPA presence NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) that detects the presence of isophthalic acid [IPA] which is under patent

Be sure that there is recycled polyester in the rPET you buy

Communicate on it and support your sustainable strategy

Get the % of the rPET you buy

Be sure of what you pay for

Watch the replay of our webinar

Watch the replay to our live webinar ‘Sustainability Science: ensure your recycled polyester claims are genuine’ to find out more about our scientific solution to verify recycled polyester.
Key topics covered

  • About sustainability and a circular economy
  • Worms Safety Laboratories overview
  • Recycled polyester verification and testing
  • Q&A
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Our experts can support you technically in the verification and quantification of your recycled polyester at any stage of development. Contact us to discuss your needs.