Household Goods Lab Testing Solutions

Household Goods Lab Testing Solutions

API’s household goods laboratory testing services help you assess product safety, quality and performance, and ensure regulatory compliance with your destination market.

Household goods lab testing solutions Physical and Mechanical Testing​

Physical and Mechanical Testing

Evaluating product resistance and overall usage safety

Mechanical and physical testing are crucial elements for evaluating household goods’ safety and overall endurance. For some specific product categories like furniture, these types of testing are key to determining the product quality and to evaluating conformity to required standards. Thanks to its strong testing capacities, API can effectively mobilize its testing resources to evaluate a large quantity of items and deliver results on a tight deadline.

Chemical Testing

Testing household goods for the presence of unwanted chemicals or metals and to meet the destination market standards

Many household goods, in particular toys and food contact products, are tightly controlled and regulated products. Regulating a number of chemicals’ presence is an absolute must for any importer to guarantee product compliance and innocuity. Thanks to its state-of-the-art labs in China and France, API meets the most stringent detection levels.
Household goods lab testing solutions Chemical Testing
API household goods lab testing solutions Electrical Products Testing

Electrical Products Testing

Testing your products based on the EN 60335 standard in our lab in Ningbo.

API provides state-of-the-art testing in its accredited Ningbo lab as well as in its Hong-Kong lab. API can also perform pre-purchase check solutions. Pre-purchase tests include users test, construction check by comparative evaluation of built-in parts against technical documentation and also documentary review with Technical Compliance File (TCF).

Performance and Fit For Use Testing

Evaluating performance and ease of use.

Household goods’ safety and standard compliance are indeed mandatory, but can fail to address the critical issues of performance and perceived quality. Over the years, API has developed extensive expertise in the design of specific testing to appropriately assess your products’ performance and fit for use.
API Household Goods and Toys lab testing Performance and Fit For Use Testing

Household Goods Technical Compliance File

Importers, brands, and retailers must ensure their household goods comply with all the relevant standards and regulations in the country in which their products will be sold. Depending on the product, API will determine the scope of product compliance, and collect the test reports from the concerned parties.

When all the necessary documents have been checked and validated, a report is issued that guarantees the conformity of the product. All the reports will be available from our compliance software, a fully protected, privately accessible online database.