Why Every Company Should Use Environmental Auditing

Manufacturing in the 21st Century has brought about some ugly truths about the way in which many retail brands produced their products, from the amount of CO2 emissions released to the way in which manufacturers dispose of waste. Today, environmental auditing is not a mandatory practice for retail brands, so is it even necessary? 

At API, we believe that ethical brands are the most perfectly positioned to meet the increasing demands of consciously aware consumers today.

Your brand’s social and environmental standings plays a bigger part in the heart’s of consumers the world over than ever before. We have created a visual guide that takes you through:

  • What an environmental audit is
  • Why you should adopt an EMS
  • Complying with ISO 14001
  • Types and scope of environmental audits
  • Essential pre-audit/post audit activities 
  • Key benefits for your brand 

 See why an environmental quality audit is essential for your brand below:

environmental auditing

So Why does your brand need an environmental audit?

  • It ensures legislative compliance
  • It reduces your environmental impact.
  • It reduces your water and energy usage
  • It has positive implications for your brands image and your bottom line

An audit such as this will have long term benefits for your retail brand as well as ensuring a competitive place in the market.

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