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Consistently manufacturing high-quality household goods starts with proactive problem solving and a robust continuous quality improvement (CQI) strategy! 

The Ultimate Guide to Preventive Quality Management

'The Ultimate Guide to Preventive Quality Management'  provides quality directors and their team with a proactive approach to staying on top of their process inputs, outputs, and other data that signal trends and abnormalities in their supply chain, empowering them to act before the issues become real problems!

Take a closer look behind the scenes at the preventive actions needed to nip household goods quality issues in the bud: 
  • A case study on prevented sofa flammability
  • A case study on prevented chemical risk in furniture
  • A case study on preventing the presence of lead in children's toys
  • A case study on preventing steel defects in knives


Furthermore, you will learn about the general principles of a successful CQI strategy, the benefits of upstream management and the use of CAPA mean for your brand, and how important it is for them  to work together to achieve positive results by minimizing risk along the way.


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