Technical Compliance – API’s I-TCF solution

An end to spending hours gathering technical compliance documents, thanks to API’s I-TCF solution

Brands around the globe have an obligation to ensure their product’s compliance with its market destination standards and regulations. But guaranteeing the accuracy and validity of all documents proving your product’s conformity is an arduous task. Many factors weigh in the complex job of ensuring compliance:

  • Stricter regulation and increased picking in stores
  • Need for improved traceability and records
  • Large number of product references requiring time and technical staff…

Authorities scrutinize the non-compliance and associated risks of the products entering their markets, where stricter penalties have been imposed on products with incomplete and invalid documentation. In Europe alone, 2,257 alerts were sent in 2018 through the Rapid Alert System, with 4,050 follow-up actions.

The 5 most notified products were:

Rapid Alert System - Technical Compliance - API's I-TCF solution

The 5 most notified risks:

Raid Alert System Technical Compliance - API's I-TCF solution

Source: EU Rapid Alert System for dangerous non-food products 2018 results

API can help your company comply with strict requirements and gather documentation demonstrating that compliance with our +15 years’ experience developing Product Integrity Technical Compliance File (I-TCF) solutions that:

  • Define the relevant scope of compliance
  • Collect and quickly validate high volume of documents
  • Have a proven track record of starting a program of 1,500 items in 8 weeks – average close time of 36 days

The I-TCF is a digital ID of your product and its proven compliance with the latest applicable standards and regulations, showing:

  • Applicable protocols
  • Document validation / rejection
  • Validity over the time

The benefits for your brand of API’s I-TCF solution?

Technical Compliance - API's I-TCF solution

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