API’s Technical Advisory

API’s Technical Advisory

The majority of recalls and product safety issues stem from the product development stage. Development follow-up and pre-production sample evaluation are fundamental to assuring the overall quality, conformity and compliance of the finished product.

Our technical team works closely with our client’s development teams to help identify product issues at an early stage.

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Bronze seal sample evaluation including product design evaluation

On-site product design evaluation
  • Risk assessment to define any potential risk out of regulation and product safety
  • Similar severity case review
  • Design highlight
  • Suggestion of how to improve the product based on the evaluation findings

Product failure root cause investigation & improvement (IPPA or DuPRO)

Support the client to investigate the root cause for a product failure due to Product Production Process reason

  • Desktop review the failure
  • Discuss with the supplier / factory to get the full understanding of the production process
  • Define the weakest link and or improvement points on the production process
  • Design of Experiment to seek for solutions for improvement
  • Conduct on-site IPPA to verify the root cause and proof for solutions
Household goods lab testing solutions Physical and Mechanical Testing​
API Technical Advisory Household Goods
Self-Inspection training (Factory Certified Auditor Program)

Empower but monitor manufacturers
  • Empower the best suppliers for a win – win situation, reduce risk and encourage continuous improvement on performance
For advanced manufacturers with solid QMS
  • Program Introduction to Vendors
  • On-site Assessment
  • Validation & Training
  • Examination (Theoretical & On-site)
  • Correlation & Certification
  • Monitoring

Core furniture sample review included

  • Visual check
  • Dimension check
  • Function check
  • Safety check
  • Static load test
  • Stability test
Technical advisory Furniture Sample Review