Sustainability: Building today for the benefits of tomorrow

COVID-19 has elevated the debate of the importance of sustainability in the long-term, increasing awareness among many companies of the need to consider social, ethical, and environmental standards above short-term profits. While some companies have implemented strong environmental policies in recent years, others have seized the opportunity to embed sustainability into their ‘new normal’ operations instead of considering it a ‘nice to have.’

Whether it is the adoption of transformational sustainability strategies or an approach at a reduced scale, companies can benefit from implementing policies and sustainability programs that make societal sense, positively impact the planet, and result in long-term savings for the company. Brands are increasingly aware of the positive impact of sustainability and the need to incorporate it into their strategies, with 40% of companies having reinforced their sustainability commitments during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a survey from The Business of a Better World (BSR).


Source: ‘Corporate Sustainability & COVID-19’, May 2020, The Business of a Better World (BSR)

In an era of increasing consumer demand for environmental commitment, a solid sustainability strategy will not merely have a positive impact on customer preferences. It can also lead to economic savings as a result of, among other things, the reduction of water and energy consumption and waste.

To support brands on their path towards sustainability, API is launching a new series of free 30-minute sustainability webinars covering everything from adequate labeling and avoiding greenwashing to the analysis of the chemical management in the supply chain and the positive impact on savings that a sustainability strategy can bring. Register now for our upcoming webinars:


December 03 – Footprint Study and Labelling

How can you promote your sustainability practices without greenwashing? 

Beginning with an overview of the different criteria required to calculate a product footprint, learn how to provide customers with verified information about ‘eco-labels.’

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Chemical management

December 10 – Chemical Management in the Supply Chain
Brands, retailers, and suppliers are increasingly looking to improve their chemical management. The question remains: How do you assess the chemical risk and enhance the chemical performance of your supply chain? 

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Positive impacts

December 17 – Sustainability: Positive Impacts with Savings

While environmental sustainability is about taking care of the planet and its residents, it is also about saving money. Less waste, less consumption of water and energy, and fewer chemicals: sustainability is actually an investment in a company’s’ future. 

In this webinar, our expert will share concrete examples of how using the right processes can help companies match their environmental goals with their bottom line.


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