Remote Support: An On-site Extension of Your Teams

In the current context of travel disruption, the ‘normal practices’ adopted by many companies until now need to be reassessed. Brands and retailers must be present in factories in many cases to oversee requirements, including the evaluation of prototypes, the review of samples at the pre-production or production stage, and the selection of items for new collections. But how can companies achieve this given the current travel restrictions and without teams on-site? Occasionally, factories can send samples to the quality teams closest to them or even to the head office. However, in most circumstances, this solution would be too costly and time-consuming. To facilitate a quick decision process and speedy time-to-market, API has harnessed the latest video technology to develop a series of remote solutions. Chair_W
Assess and approve your pre-production samples live or utilize a critical eye on-site during product selection, guided by the latest technology by our team of experts

Our solutions AT THE INITIAL PRODUCT LEVEL include:

Product sample review and validation
  • Full and precise evaluation of prototype sample, engineering sample or golden sample
  • Quality check at early stage to allow further corrections and improvement
Collection review in showroom via video call at the moment of product selection:
  • Sample review
  • Conformity / non-conformity identification on mechanical issues
  • Risks & issues anticipation
  • Recommendations for amelioration
Some of the benefits of our remote solutions are:
  • Guidance by a team of experts on-site
  • Possibility to follow live, real-time events at factory / showroom through the latest technology
  • Quality and compliant products
  • Faster time-to-market vs. international shipments for approval
  • Support though all manufacturing stages
Thanks to our in-depth manufacturing knowledge and boots-on-the-ground experience, we guide you through the most critical decision processes and support you remotely with the latest technology. API puts our teams of experts at your disposal who specialize in different product categories to support all your needs remotely. Interested in learning more about how we can support you remotely with these or other solutions?