Going Beyond Finished Product Quality

A preventive approach: moving the focus to the earlier stages of production

Quality has traditionally been approached from a reactive perspective, where costs are predominantly allocated to the control of the finished product. With this approach, the final random inspection and sample testing are still by far some of the most popular services in many manufacturing areas. They allow for the detection of quality issues at the end of production and evaluate the suitability of the goods for shipment. But the chances are high that some defects will occur during the mass production process. What if these defective products represent a significant part of your final production?

Reallocating the quality budget is possible; thinking about the finished product’s quality but moving the focus to the earlier stages of production. A more in-depth look into the factories and their processes will allow you to anticipate negative risks. From the selection of the most suitable manufacturers to the identification of the right raw materials and right practices, this preventive approach also has beneficial effects on suppliers, offering opportunities for improvement and giving them the potential for empowerment.

Moving from final inspections to a deeper look of the manufacturing process

Going beyond finished product quality. API's preventive model

The earlier the risks are identified, the earlier the solutions can be adopted, thus resulting in the faster implementation of corrective actions, and higher product reliability. By the end, the risk of product reworking or replacement must be significantly reduced, enabling your brand to avoid market delays and extra ‘non-quality’ costs. 

API can provide multiple solutions to help brands, retailers and their suppliers to better manage their manufacturing processes.

Example of reactive vs. preventive approach on a chair 

Going beyond finished product quality. Reactive Approach and Preventive Approach

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