API shared best practices on the ground at ICPHSO


API participated as a speaker at the ICPHSO (International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization) 2021 Annual Virtual Meeting and Symposium last month. We had the opportunity to share some of the best practices by household goods and toy brands to mitigate risks during COVID-19.

Adjusting to the new normal and mitigating safety and quality risks has seen an evolvement in best practices among leading household goods and toy brands and retailers. Although contingency plans and strategies differ across companies, some have been repeatedly put into practice by many. We have identified the top 10 practices seen on the ground to ensure business continuity and ongoing safety and quality in the new normal, including:

  1. Tackling issues upstream: Sharpen your focus on the earlier stages of development and get support from third-party technical teams onsite when your own teams can’t travel.
  2. Relying on local experts: Bringing partners on board who can act and adapt onsite to minimize risk is pivotal when your own teams can’t be there.
  3. Using tech tools to increase your supply chain visibility: Capture and leverage the right data to follow your operations remotely and capitalize on similar advantages. Maximize your data through dedicated platforms that help capture, connect and analyze the intelligence, enabling faster, easier, and more informed decisions.

Interested in learning more about these and some of the other examples seen on the ground?