Improve Your Social Compliance

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has evolved in recent years from being a ‘beneficial asset’ to a compliance requirement that’s also gaining influence in the buyers’ decision-making process. In 2018, 69% of consumers said they were influenced by brands’ ethical values and authenticity*. An adequate social compliance plan can support your brand in going one step beyond with associated benefits such an increased productivity. These benefits include, for example, an end to duplicated work processes or the implementation of better time management within your workforce.

At API, we offer tailor-made social audit assessments utilizing our experts’ knowledge in developing programs adapted to your needs, and implement ad-hoc plans based on the specific requirements that matter the most to you. We can help you meet your social compliance objectives and challenges that follow:

  • Global industry initiatives & local labor laws: Our experience, expertise and specialization ensure fast and comprehensive results
  • Your own code(s) of conduct: Our industry knowledge and on-the-ground know-how will evaluate and reinforce your objectives – because CSR could be a key asset for brand reputation and differentiation
  • API’s standard: We help you from scratch through personalized service specific to these areas

Looking to implement an effective corrective action plan after completion of a social compliance audit? You can benefit from API’s manufacturing experience and deep industry expertise that enables us to suggest informed and productive technical improvements. API’s technical experts will help you identify main factory issues and their root causes with a professional follow-up. You can increase your factory’s productivity with its available resources thanks to our experts’ recommendations on optimum corrective strategies.

Example: Increased supplier’s productivity based on its resources

Improved Social Compliance: Enhanced Brand Reputation and Supplier Productivity

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*Survey of 30,000 consumers in 35 countries, 2018 (Accenture)