Fit for Use & Performance Testing

Fit for Use & Performance Testing: Meeting Consumer Expectations by Going Beyond Simple Standardized and Regulatory Tests


In the increasingly competitive global marketplace, retailers face numerous issues when sourcing products. Their greatest challenge is to live up to — and even exceed — growing consumer expectations in a market saturated with products.

Since consumers have a wealth of options to choose from, they are no longer satisfied with products that merely meet their basic needs. They consider the minutest of details in regards to quality, construction, features, and price of products.

In considering knives, for example, consumers are no longer satisfied with a product that can simply slice their vegetables and meat. They look for knives with ergonomic handles that retain their edge for an extended period and meet a dozen other additional expectations.

In this competitive and demanding landscape, the necessity of Fit for Use and Performance Testing should not be underestimated.

Knives Sourcing Case Study

The following is a case study on sourcing knives. The purpose of this case study is to give a brief example of the various tests that will be conducted during a Fit for Use & Performance and about how a knife’s performance can be compared to that of IKEA knives and other competitors.

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Benefits to the Client

  • Help you  source knives that can pass a wide range of advanced performance tests. This can establish a benchmark for the product based on your brand current products and other similar products on the market. This standard can be used as a basis on which to make future products and improvements.
  • Come up with technical ad-hoc solutions for product performance.
  • Get an edge on the competitors by sourcing the most advanced knives possible.
  • Weeding out products that miss the mark on quality in terms of performance.

As you can see, in this global consumer-driven age, the necessity of Fit for Use & Performance Testing is absolutely crucial.

At API, we offer our clients a host of tailored solutions powered by our sister company AXIS to help your products stand out and go beyond the regulatory requirements of your destination markets. Our common objective? Your products fit their purpose and provide outstanding technical grounds to be chosen by your customers.

With 300+ product categories covered, 3,000+ tests performed, and +1,800 ad-hoc tests developed, AXIS – technological resource center of WORMS SAFETY – is able to provide tailor-made fit-for-use performance assessments of all household goods. AXIS has 20+ years’ experience in mechanical properties and performance, climatic aging, colorimetry and dimensional measurement.

Interested in learning more about how performance testing can bring competitive advantages to your products? Contact us today to receive a professional consultation and find out more about our Fit for Use and Performance solutions.