COVID-19: Our ‘Epidemic Prevention Measures’

API_10 Epidemic Prevention Measures
We have implemented extraordinary “Epidemic Prevention Measures” with the 10 following steps (*This does not concern China where we already have a clear plan communicated and where the situation is improving):
  1. We follow the local authorities’ recommendations in terms of health and safety and travel bans or limitations   
  2. Appointment of one Chief Hygiene Safety Officer per office
  3. Self-temperature checks on a daily basis – above 37.5 degrees, the person must report to the Chief Hygiene and Safety officer and their N+1, and consult a doctor
  4. Recommendations on hygiene rules
  5. Guidelines for employees who exhibit flu-like symptoms to stay home and seek immediate medical advice
  6. Any employee whose family or household member is a suspected case or has travelled to known contaminated clusters shall immediately notify the Chief Hygiene and Safety Officer and:  – Refrain from working from the office or travelling to factories until a decision is made by the Chief Hygiene and Safety Officer and their N+1 – If the risk is confirmed – 14 days self-isolation and work from home
  7. Visitors to our offices for face-to-face meetings are not authorised. If face-to-face meetings are necessary, guests must be registered and determined as healthy by the Chief Hygiene and Safety Officer
  8. Employees to minimize social contact, with a limit on the number of teams at the office at the same time and 1m safety distance followed
  9. Everyone wears mask in office or while travelling to factories
  10. A questionnaire for each factory is implemented with each booking to ensure conditions are suitable for inspection and rules of hygiene and safety are also followed by factories
For more information, consult your usual contacts.