Collect the right data for product compliance with our I-TCF

Data has undoubtedly been one of this year’s most repeated words when discussing how to make supply chains more resilient. Collecting, sharing and analyzing the right data can enable the entire supply chain to run more efficiently thanks to more informed decisions. In the context of quality control, data remains one of the basics.

COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges to supply chains and highlighted the importance of increased visibility and agility to maintain product safety and quality. Ensuring product compliance with each market’s standards and regulations remains a key obligation of brands and retailers, but guaranteeing every document’s validity and accuracy is a tedious task.

Collecting the right information about a product to prove compliance with the latest applicable standards and regulations is time-consuming at best. On top of this already arduous task, brands and retailers must remain aware of changes in standards and regulations for numerous product references in their portfolio, which can be labor-intensive and prone to errors.

The I-TCF teams at API experienced that nearly one in three documents collected are not compliant and need additional follow-up steps to complete the TCF file according to requirements and establish the product’s conformity.


API’s team of experts can support companies in preparing a ‘digital ID’ of each product with our I-TCF solutions (Product Integrity and Technical Compliance File). This digital ID helps verify product compliance and includes key information such as applicable protocols, document validation or rejection, and validity over time. In addition to our experts’ regulatory guidance, brands appreciate the minimal investment required, enjoy a higher degree of control with our clear digital platform, and are ultimately ready to provide the valid required documentation in cases of custom verification. 

With more than 15 years’ experience developing I-TCF solutions, we can help brands and retailers save time and money on this task. We offer support with:

  • Defining the relevant scope of compliance
  • Collecting and quickly validating a high volume of documents

Interested in finding out more about how our I-TCF solutions can help your brand?