Avoid Compliance Issues With Our Quality Assurance Solutions

Quality Assurance is essential to the efficient operating systems of your supply chain and, ultimately, your brand’s bottom line. But, the question is how often do you get caught up in procedural changes that leave your supply chain trapped in a web of complexities that you are unable to get out of or make sense of?

As a retailer, you know better than anyone that these complexities come with the territory of managing a supply chain, with the continuous changes in product regulation and compliance issues, to audit and inspection essentials, to also being able to get your product to market on time, having sufficiently passed all the compliance and quality inspections necessary.

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At this stage, you have either considered revising all of your operational procedures to encompass all the changes that need to be adhered to, or you have likely considered a third party QA provider. The thing to keep in mind here is that you are not alone. The web of complexities that have you entangled can be dealt with efficiently and according to your exact specification.

“What do I mean?”

Our case study takes a closer look at the QA challenges that two large European retailers were facing, and delves into exactly how they overcame this through API’s uniquely devised QA solutions.


The Challenges

Retailer A – Underwent major procedural changes and experienced 50% of their shipment being held due to basic procedural non-compliance rendering them “pending”.

“I am sure you are aware of how this can put huge pressure on your supply chain and bottom line.”

Retailer B – Began experiencing a large number of product recalls due to incomplete or unavailable Technical Compliance Files.

If you have had experience with the authorities, then you know exactly how complex acquiring a full and complete TCF is!


The Solutions

Retailer A – After implementing a customized quality management program, they were able to reduce their “pending” rate for non-compliance from 50% to 15%.

Retailer B – In a year they experienced a 60% decrease in the number of product recalls they had, owing to API’s in-house designed compliance software.

customized quality assurance solutions and compliance issuesBoth of these retailers experienced significant challenges within their supply chains, one had even previously adopted the services of a 3rd party QA provider, who made no strides in overcoming their challenges with them.

“There is no one size fits all approach to QA.”

Keep this in mind when you begin pondering over the use of an external QA provider.

This case study seeks to showcase the huge value in using a provider that is able to customize and tailor their quality assurance solutions based on your exact needs and requirements. This provides valuable insights into your supply chain allowing you to identify risks early, but also create somewhat of a partnership with your provider, based on trust and a quantifiable solution promoting growth and sustainability for your brand.