API At 2023 ICPHSO International Symposium

API At 2023 ICPHSO International Symposium

API is excited to be participating at 2023 ICPHSO International Symposium, Celebrating 30 Years of Global Collaboration. The symposium will take place on October 26-27, 2023 in Almhult, Sweden. The 2-day Symposium hosted by Ikea provides opportunities for global product safety professionals to learn, network and discuss relevant product safety issues, and further enhance the safety of consumer products throughout the world.


Visit ICPHSO’s website for more details about the event: https://icphso.org/


Will you also attend the event? We hope to share with you new answers to increasing global risks, specifically

  1. How to manage complex risk by leveraging data?
  2. How you can do more with less: allocating your budget more efficiently?
  3. Accredited rPET lab verification: scientific proof to substantiate claims


The aim is for you to be able to take insights and ideas back to your business. If this is interesting to you, feel free to contact our representatives for more info!