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*I-TCF = Product Integrity Technical Compliance File

Thanks to its various labs operating in Asia and Europe, API provides our customers with a full range of product testing solutions to evaluate the quality of their products and to guarantee conformity to the standards and regulations in their destination market.

With its five laboratories operating near the largest hard-goods production hubs in Asia as well as in Europe, API can provide a comprehensive range of products testing solutions. Importers, brands, and retailers must ensure product compliance with all relevant standards and regulations of the country in which their products will be sold. Depending on the product, API will determine the scope of compliance issues, and collect the product testing documents and other reports from the concerned parties.

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  • Prevent unsaleable products reaching your market
  • Comply with your market’s regulations
  • Get expert assistance with completing compliance documentation

I-TCF Survey Documents

Below is an example of the list of documents provided for a Product Integrity Technical Compliance File (I-TCF) survey:

API's TCF Home Page in use
TCF Documents Review in progress
Screenshot of a TCF statistics page from API

Product Integrity Technical Compliance File (I-TCF) Service Overview

Depending on the product, API will determine the scope of compliance issues, and collect the test reports from the concerned party. The reports will then be checked by qualified engineers in order to verify that they match the actual product.

If necessary, API will provide the necessary information about missing reports, and provide assistance to arrange and/or perform the missing tests.

Once all of the necessary reports have been checked and validated, an I- TCF report that guarantees the conformity of the product is issued.

All of the reports will be made available with full online protected access.

API expertise’s related to I-TCF covers many fields, such as:

  • Toys
  • Furniture
  • Electrical products
  • Food contact products
  • Hand tools
  • Christmas decorations
  • ...and more

The new toys safety directive 2009/48/EC establishes the requirements for “Technical documentation”, namely the list of documents that must be prepared in order to export toys to the EU. I-TCF is a ready-to-use solution that fulfills these requirements.

New Toys Directive Compliance

Compliance with the New Toys Directive and use of the Batch Follow up File (BFF) Service

Starting from July 2011, all the toys exported to the EU must be accompanied by a set of documents that is subject to inspection by the customs, or market surveillance authorities. These documents ensure the compliance, safety, and traceability of the products, and must be kept for 10 years after the last importation.

  1. The first set of document relates to the construction and characteristics of the toy, and will be used for several shipments, or POs. This group of documents will be collected for the I-TCF.

  2. The second set of documents contains the information describing a specific shipment and which must be updated for each importation of the toy. This file is referred to as the Batch Follow-up File (BFF).

More specifically this document will include:

  • The PO number.
  • The batch code.
  • Quality control before shipment: inspection and pre-shipment lab test reports issued by the first-party or third-party quality control service provider.
  • Manufacturing and storage locations if they vary from one shipment to the other.
  • The I-TCF file as described above.

For each shipment, the validity of the I-TCF will be checked and elements updated if necessary. Revision will be needed, for example, in the event of a design change or the obsolescence of a test report due to a standard revision.

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