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Household Goods Quality Inspection Solutions

API are global experts in quality inspections for all types of household goods. Discover our range of quality assurance solutions here.

API provides a full range of inspection solutions to fully control your production from the origin of components to the loading in the container.

Initial production check (IPC) from API

Initial Production Check (IPC)

API’s experts perform initial checks on raw materials’ quantity, origins, and quality.

The IPC takes place at the very beginning of the production process. The inspection will mostly focus on the procurement of raw materials and components to assess their quality, quantity and also origin if it is a critical issue. The first run of finished product will also be inspected to detect any deviation and thus allow remedial action to be taken very early in the production process.

During Production Inspection (DUPRO) from API

During Production Inspection (DUPRO)

Carried out after mass production has started so as to enable remedial action.

The production line is inspected when at least 25% of the order has been completed. The DUPRO verifies that initial discrepancies found out during the IPC have been rectified. Each stage of the assembly process will be analysed and samples of the goods in progress will be collected and checked. This means that any impending problem can be identified on-site and addressed at the very stage where it is occurring.

Inline Inspection

Carried out during production to check product quality before the run has been completed.

A QA inspector from API will check unfinished products during their production and assess if AQL standards are being met. Guidance will be offered, should it be required, in order to assure that corrective actions can be taken in order to assure quality moving forward.

Final Random Inspection (FRI)

Final random lot survey in accordance with ISO 28591.

An FRI is basically an acceptance sampling inspection performed prior to shipment on a lot of completed goods. The Sampling is derived from the inspection level requested in accordance with MIL-STD-105E (ISO2859-1). The sampled goods are then checked piece by piece and the nonconformities found, if any, will be classified into three categories (critical, major and minor). The selection of an AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) per type of non-conformities will determine the acceptance or rejection of the goods.

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Loading Check Inspection

Control of container quantity and stuffing arrangement.

API performs inspections of finished packed goods as they are being loaded into the shipping container to ensure the correct products are loaded, in a secure and safe manner.

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