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Child Care and Toys Quality Management

Avoid Compliance Issues & Meet The Most Stringent Requirements

Why Entrust API with your Child Care And Toys Quality Management?

Why entrust API with your Child Care and Toys Quality Management?

Because we have strong capacities and recognition. Each day, API issues nearly 40 inspections reports for toys and childcare product. Since 2005, API is a member of the AFNOR toys committee.

Because we are endorsed by the key sector players; International retailers entrust API with their toys quality control as well as product specialists; French national players as well French international specialists.

Because we are constantly building our capabilities to meet all market needs: in 2011, we are investing in new testing capacities for toys and furniture in our recently acquired lab in France.

child care and toys quality control requirements

API covers all your Child Care and Toys Quality Control requirements

From production lines in Asia, to the end user market thanks to its recently accredited lab in Europe.

Protecting children is the major concern of parents around the world. Ensuring that they play with toys that do not and cannot harm them is a must in any country. In term of home products, toys safety regulations (just after cosmetics) are amongst the most stringent ones.

Toys lab testing requires both mechanical and chemical expertise. Our extensive knowledge in both of these fields provides you with access to the-state-of-the-art equipment and knowledgeable staff.

Our Certified Solutions

API can currently provide you with:

  • HOKLAS endorsed lab testing reports based on the EN 71 1,2,3 and EN 62115
  • HKIAS endorsed third party inspection based on an in-house procedure
  • European Notified Body endorsed report by our French lab Albhades Provence, a member company of the Worms group.

What are the benefits of using a notified body?

A Notified Body verifies the compliance of a product by conducting conformity assessment. It also ensures that the technical documentation sufficiently supports product compliance.

When the Notified Body is convinced of a product's compliance, it issues a certificate of conformity to confirm this. Only a notified body is entitled to do so. (Source: European Commission Enterprise and Industry CE marking).

HKIAS Endorsed Certified Inspection

HKIAS Endorsed Certified Inspection

HOKLAS Endorsed Lab Testing Reports

HOKLAS Endorsed Lab Testing Reports for toys and children's products

Our Expertise In Toys and Children's Products

Our Expertise In Toys and Children's Products:

API is a member of AFNOR ( Agence Francaise de Normalisation) and the Toys Standardization Committee in France.The objective of this committee is:

  • To monitor the progress of European and international standardization work.
  • To identify the contribution of the different participating countries, and to prepare the French standpoint that will be presented at European or international level.
  • To express the national position on the draft standards.
  • API can update your company regarding the latest developments and discussions on regulation before new regulation are officially published.

For more information about this committee's objectives please refer to this document published in the AFNOR website (French only).

Child Care and Toys Supplier Factory Audit

Child Care & Toys Supplier Factory Audit

Evaluating the Factory from which you are Sourcing

API's extensive production line experience and its team of technical auditors, API can help support your company in its efforts to assess your supplier's capacities. By evaluating its internal quality control capabilities, its overall raw materials traceability or its production equipment you are able to pre-select reliable sources with which to build a good supplier relationship that is long term.

An Example of Audit Process Checkpoints:

To improve your overall product quality, you may sometimes need to analyze the production process in closer details. API Audit has developed Audit grids to help you understand the factory's overall capabilities from the standpoints of:

  • Product development
  • Identification and traceability
  • Handling of incoming goods
  • Manufacturing process
  • Finished products control
  • Quality assurance
Child Care And Toys Quality Management chart

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