Environmental Audits: How to Address the Increased Demand for Supply Chain Sustainability and Transparency

The supply chain is changing, with increasing consumer demand for sustainable products. Many large and small brands are struggling to adapt to this new demand for transparency at every stage of the product’s lifecycle: from the raw materials to the disposal or recycling at the end of the product’s life.

Sustainability is a key consideration influencing buying decisions together with quality, price, and health and safety:


Source: Accenture Survey April 2019 on 6,000 consumers in 11 countries
across North America, Europe and Asia


At API we can help you truly evaluate, verify and improve the environmental impact of your factories and processes to allow you to provide additional transparency to your consumers. Our team has more than a decade of experience in supply chain environmental sustainability across various products categories and a deep understanding of the different industry initiatives. We are, for example, one of the companies able to refer to the Higg Index* to provide verification and training solutions. We are uniquely positioned to understand the manufacturing process and its challenges thanks to our specialists being on the ground at the factories in real time.

We can support you from scratch in evaluating your supply chain with globally accredited assessment audit checklists or API’s tailor-made environmental audits checklists. Our personalized service, which follows API’s comprehensive environmental checklist and adapted corrective action plans, includes wide-ranging areas of assessment:

  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
  • Energy & Green House Gas Emissions (GHG)
  • Water consumption
  • Waste Water / Effluent Treatment
  • Emissions to air
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Hazardous chemical management

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