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Quality assurance solutions

Case Study: 2 QA Solutions API Used to Help Retailers Optimize Their Processes

Learn how API helped one retailer reduce product recalls by 60% in a year and more!


As a retailer, you understand that your quality assurance systems are essential to every aspect of your supply chain and the ultimate growth of your business.

But, what happens when you decide to undergo process changes to facilitate growth and things take an unexpected turn for the worst?

Our new case study covers:

The Challenges:

  • Retailer A decided to take procurement procedures into their own hands and didn't have an adequate quality control and inspection system in place, resulting in over 50% of their shipment being held due to basic procedural non-compliances rendering them “pending”
  • Retailer B experienced many product recalls due to incomplete/unavailable technical compliance files, and found themselves in a place where there was a lack of resources to begin properly monitoring and reviewing all the technical requirements for all the products that needed to get to market

What these retailers were looking for in a provider:

  • Help in improving their decision process on product quality assessment to deal with issues immediately before they became problems

  • Greater insights into the efficiency of their suppliers and their operational systems and structures, to help them to identify risk early on and provide long-term cost savings

The quality assurance Solutions and their results:

  • With actionable, real time data and information, retailer A was able to streamline their processes and decrease their “pending” release shipment percentage from 65% to less than 15%
  • By implementing customized TCF software, retailer B reduced the amount of product recalls they experienced by 60% in a year

Ensuring that you are equipped to deal with supply chain issues as they arise is essential for your business. 

Learn more about how our customized quality assurance solutions helped retailers just like you by filling out the form and clicking 'DOWNLOAD NOW' below to download your own copy.

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