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Green Claim Services

Verify and validate the assertions made about the environmental qualities and impact of your materials, products or processes.

What is a Green Claim?

A Green Claim or Environmental Claim, is a declaration made by brands, retailers and suppliers about the environmental qualities or characteristics of their materials, goods or processes.

What are the main benefits?

  • Reinforced brand image with accurate and transparent answers that can be trusted by your consumers.
  • Increased sales by answering the increasing demand of greener products with lower environmental footprints.
  • Ensured environmental compliance with green claims verified and validated by an environmental expert.

Our services:

Green Claims Verification

Verification, quantification and validation of your existing green claims such as:

  • Low impact products / processes
  • Renewable materials / resources
  • Water efficient materials / processes
  • Lower water footprint materials / processes
  • Energy efficient materials/processes
  • Lower carbon footprint materials/processes
  • Lower waste

Green Claims Development

Our experts will help you develop quantifiable, accurate and official green claims.


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Green Claim Services (GCS) Process


API’s added value

We are specialized in quality assurance solutions for household goods with a deep knowledge of the manufacturing processes. Our on-the-ground expertise and our flexible approach allows us to offer a service with a clear customer focus keeping in mind the needs and demands of your final consumers.