Assure children's safety and your brand's reputation.
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API offer you industry-leading toy quality assurance and testing services on-site, and in our laboratories.

We understand that you can't compromise when it comes to toy quality and safety. Children's safety is paramount, and potential product recalls affecting your company's ability to sell on time into a market are not acceptable.


key areas where we assist toy manufacturers & retailers:

  • Supplier factory auditing to keep them accountable to your standards
  • Closed-loop inspection, from design, to production, to shipping
  • Laboratory testing for materials and mechanical safety


  • Implementing our own TCF solution, ensuring compliance via bespoke toy inspection protocols tailored to YOUR needs


Our inspectors and laboratory technicians have been working with major toy producers, retailers, and supermarkets around the world for decades to help them assure their toy quality.

If toy testing and quality is a key issue for you, let's discuss your challenges and requirements.  

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