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3 Tips to Improve Product Compliance with Good Supplier Relationships

Posted by API - Customized Quality Assurance on 12 Jun 2017

Importer/supplier relationships matter. The way importers of old dealt with their suppliers has indeed come a long way from the humble medium of email correspondence.

Topics: Supplier Relationship Management

How do professional importers ensure product compliance?

Posted by API - Customized Quality Assurance on 2 Jun 2017

A higher turnover, a broader customer base, expansion into new markets, favorable financing opportunities, hiring talented personnel and increasing brand awareness are among the myriad of things that the prospect of a growing company promises.

Topics: Supply Chain Management, Compliance

What no one tells you about Christmas tree testing procedures

Posted by API - Customized Quality Assurance on 29 May 2017

Christmas, a very special holiday celebrated all around the world, a sacred time spent with family and friends, houses adorned with traditional decorations and illuminated in a splendor of colors, all leading up to the childlike anticipation of Christmas day, the gifts, the food and the wine!

Topics: Quality Assurance Systems, Testing

2 Ways Retail Brands Can Successfully Ensure Supply Chain Compliance

Posted by API - Customized Quality Assurance on 22 May 2017

Supply chain compliance is becoming one of the biggest challenges faced by all retail professionals. Among small, medium enterprises's it likely hits a little harder, with limited resources and where costs are always a make or break factor. Often-times you can only afford a supplier lacking certain levels compliance documentation, which in turn requires you to monitor them even more stringently, but can you afford the resources to do so properly? 

Topics: Compliance

10 things you will learn from a third party quality provider

Posted by API - Customized Quality Assurance on 18 May 2017

Do you feel that no matter how much you plan, the maze of complex logistics is always catching up with you? Successfully running your quality systems is key to the success of your entire operation.

Topics: Supply Chain Management, Quality Assurance Systems

How purchasing departments benefit from better quality management systems

Posted by API - Customized Quality Assurance on 16 May 2017

The harshest judge of the quality of a product is your customers. As a households goods quality manager, it is your responsibility to ensure the systems and procedures you have in place, run as smoothly and effectively as possible. 

Topics: Quality Management Systems

A Supply Chain Management System For An Optimized Supply Chain

Posted by API - Customized Quality Assurance on 12 May 2017

Global retailers have large complex supply chains, to efficiently manage these they have to adopt a variety of tools and software to ensure an effective supply management system.

Topics: Supply Chain Management, Quality Management Systems

Quality Assurance Procedures That Can Be Optimized For Supply Chain Efficiency

Posted by API - Customized Quality Assurance on 10 May 2017

Do you need to optimize your current quality assurance procedures? Are you unsure of how to get started? Determining the current position of your quality systems may be a difficult one to get your head around with complex procedures to analyze and the newest technology that is just too expensive to get your hands on...

Topics: Quality Assurance Systems

Where Regional Household Goods Brands Fail and Global Brands Succeed

Posted by API - Customized Quality Assurance on 29 Apr 2017

Over the years there have been shifts in the supply chain, where gaining a competitive advantage through your entire supply chain can be essential to your success.

Topics: Supply Chain Management, Quality Assurance Systems

4 Supply Chain Best Practices that Regional Brands can Adopt

Posted by API - Customized Quality Assurance on 28 Apr 2017

We live in a fast-paced environment with trends coming and going, before there’s even been a moment to catch up. As a regional quality director with increased supply challenges, one may need to begin looking to how global brands are managing their supply chains to start transforming local operations to remain a strong competitor at the top of current trends.

Topics: Supply Chain Management