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Complement Your Own Team

By API - Customized Quality Assurance - October 30, 2020

The uncertain ‘new normal’ we’re facing is forcing companies around the world to adopt strategies and contingency plans that address new practical challenges, such as the reduction of workforces and international travel restrictions. However, companies need to think about the effects these changes will have on their consumers and minimize any potential negative impacts on these important relationships. Ensuring the same levels of safety and quality while guaranteeing an efficient time-to-market is critical. The consumer products and retail industry is already changing to align with these issues through speed, cost reduction, and customer focus.


Most commonly cited reasons for changes due to COVID-19 in ‘Consumer Products and Retail’ industry

3 reasons_COVID19

Source: McKinsey & Company, ‘The need for speed in the post-COVID-19 era – and how to achieve it’ survey, September 2020


But how to achieve a customer-centered strategy with an enhanced time-to-market while considering cost-reduction needs at the same time? Some of the elements required when workforces are limited and travel is restricted are:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Faster response
  • Complementary know-how


An Extension of Your Own Team

To support companies in their path toward the new normal, API is cooperating with brands and retailers’ internal quality and audit teams to complement them on-demand with a 360° approach to quality that provides optional solutions.

Our complementary technical support

API’s complementary technical support allows companies to benefit from additional support only when and where it’s needed with the flexibility to adapt as required. Some of the added value of our solutions include:

  • Complementary technical solutions related to quality management: larger capabilities + deeper and upstream support (eg., remote golden sample validation with techno-visualization to assist locally during the product development stage).
  • Extended geo coverage: delivering ‘A to Z’ services with dedicated support in areas where clients are not present and that are not easy not easy to travel to. 
  • Additional expertise in specific product categories: complementary knowledge and additional areas of expertise

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