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WORMS SAFETY - Press Release

Official Communication

 7th of April, 2020 

WORMS SAFETY is now involved in the global fight against COVID-19 with Voisin Consulting Life Sciences (VCLS), the health specialist member of the alliance. In particular, we are supporting, through regulatory guidance, numerous initiatives for the resolution of this sanitary crisis. Some are already at the advanced stage of submission to health regulatory authorities, bringing us closer to a cure. Among them are the repurposing of two existing drugs as candidates for therapeutic treatments, and the development of a new type of life-saving ventilator in the medical devices’ field.

At the same time, WORMS SAFETY specialist members, SgT, Qualspec, API, AQF, Worms Safety Laboratories, Axis, Albhades, IAS, and Challenge Optimum, are addressing operational issues, consequences of the crisis: securing stocks with mold and corrosion prevention measures; redrawing traditional on-site product controls with ‘no-physical-human-contact techno-guided inspections’; etc.

It is also our responsibility to prepare for the day after and beyond with humanity, lucidity, determination, commitment, and even disruption. Agile boots-on-the-ground practices will be instrumental in restarting and minimizing risks, missteps, and delays.

“We wholeheartedly believe that if we want to be protected, we must first protect each other. Selflessness, is the key to get through these unprecedented times and build a safer future for everyone. Please be safe and continue to take good care."

With best regards,  

Thierry LENOIR

Specialists In Quality Assurance For Household Goods