Webinar Replay: “A sustainable solution – Chem Scan Check™: 0% unexpected chemical risks”

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Webinar Replay: “A sustainable solution – Chem Scan Check™: 0% unexpected chemical risks”

In this video, you will learn more about our new sustainability solution – Chem Scan Check™.

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API experts talk about one of the latest solutions developed by Worms Safety Laboratories to bring a sustainable way for 0% unexpected chemical risks: Chem Scan Check™. Join us to find out how this new solution is already helping some of our partners in their chemical management strategies.

API’s Innovative Chem Scan Check™ Solution

To support our partners in optimizing their testing strategies, we developed Chem Scan Check™ (CSC), which scans for more than 285 hazardous chemical substances in one go. Instead of waiting for a pass/fail outcome for expected chemicals with a traditional testing approach, we offer our partners insight into the potentiality of 285 chemicals that may be present—including those you wouldn’t usually look for in a regular test.

For the first time, a check-through chemical scan gives you visibility on almost all hazardous substances to help prevent ‘unexpected’ non-compliance risks in only 72h.

Read more about this innovative solution here

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Technical Compliance File Solution

In this video, you will learn more about our Technical Compliance File Solutions.

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Brands and retailers are obligated to ensure their products are compliant with market destination standards and regulations, but this is easier said than done.

At API, our TCF solutions help our customers create a digital ID of each product that confirms its compliance to the latest applicable standards and regulations. Find out more about our TCF solutions in this video.


API experts can help you to comply with the strict requirements imposed and beyond leveraging our experience in household goods & toys.

  • Setting the adequate procedures
  • Defining the relevant scope of compliance
  • Helping to define additional quality and safety criteria to go beyond compliance
  • Collecting and validating a high volume of documents quickly
  • Gathering all documents in one single place (available for 10 years)

Read more about our comprehensive product compliance solutions here

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API Solutions for Toys

In this video, you will know more about our comprehensive quality management solutions for toys.

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At API, we offer tailor-made solutions to manage quality and safety right from the early stages of development thanks to our strong toy expertise.


At API we support toy brands across their entire supply chain. Read more about our tailor-made solutions for toys here


Taking the complexity out of compliance

All brands and retailers are obligated to ensure their products are compliant with the relevant standards and regulations in their destination markets. However, many factors make compliance a tricky task, including increasingly strict regulations and picking stores by local authorities, the need for improved traceability and records, and the large number of references requiring time and technical expertise.

In Europe alone, 2142 alerts were issued through Safety Gate in 2021 for products at risk of non-compliance. Among the most notified categories was consumer goods, including toys and electrical appliances.

Source: Safety Gate Annual Report 2021

While the types of risks varied, the most notified included:

Although most brands and retailers are conscious of the importance of bringing safe and compliant products to the market, defining the applicable scope across numerous product categories requires expertise. On top of this, gathering all the necessary documentation from various supply chain stakeholders can be overwhelmingly time-consuming. This administrative burden also attracts its own risks and the need for technical review, as nearly one document in every three evaluated by our experts is found to be non-compliant. In many instances, it isn’t easy to handle this process internally because of issues such as:

  • Complexity with keeping records up to date
  • Multiplicity of suppliers with different maturity and contacts (to be competitive and ensure effective pricing, brands tend to diversify)
  • Numerous documents requiring the right expertise, including knowing the applicable regulations to ask for the appropriate documents
  • No dedicated team: Considered a dull, administrative task by brand engineers but cannot be completed by someone without technical knowledge
  • Process too slow vs. rotation of collections too fast
  • Significant time required
  • No proper interface to coordinate document collection and review
Helping you bring to the market safe and compliant products

To alleviate this challenge, API has a dedicated solution – the Technical Compliance File (TCF). The TCF is a digital ID of your product and its proven compliance with the latest applicable standards and regulations, including:

  • Applicable protocols
  • Document validation/rejection
  • Validity over time

With more than 15 years’ experience developing TCF solutions, we help brands and retailers save time and money on this necessary task. We offer support with:

  • Setting adequate procedures
  • Defining the relevant scope of compliance
  • Helping establish additional quality and safety criteria that go beyond compliance
  • Collecting and validating a high volume of documents quickly
  • Gathering all the documents in one place (available for 10 years)
  • Corrective actions and suggestion for artworks.
  • Monitor the relevancy of the scope in the context of regulation changes.

In addition to our experts’ regulatory guidance, brands appreciate the minimal investment required, enjoy a higher degree of control with our clear digital platform, and are ultimately ready to provide the valid required documentation in cases of custom verification.


Reliable proof and increased visibility made easier


Cost and time savings
(vs. internally handled)

Internal resources allocation in strategic tasks

Fast reply to authorities
(documents available in one click)

Increased consumer satisfaction

Our easy-to-use TCF platform

Leveraging our years of experience in offering this service and valuable feedback from our clients, we have designed a user-friendly platform that supports our TCF solutions, which enables you to continually keep your eye on files in progress, those completed, and those expiring soon.

The platform introduces a new way to manage documentation, proving compliance with increased visibility on products and status, such as:

  • Quality overview of your products
  • Document status and tracking
  • Alerts management
  • Regulatory watch

Suppliers can now benefit from this convenient system by uploading the documents required to complete a TCF, receiving regular updates about a TCF status, and guidance from our experts on the next steps needed for any rejected documentation.

Interested in finding out more about how our TCF solutions can help your brand?


Updated standard EN 14749+A1:2022


An update of the European Standard EN 14749: 2016 was released in May, introducing the EN 14749+A1:2022 : Furniture – Domestic and kitchen storage units and kitchen-worktops – Safety requirements and test methods. This is one of the primary reference standards for the certification of furniture used in the home. It establishes some changes to the safety requirements and test methods for household and kitchen storage furniture and kitchen workshops.

Some of the key changes include:

  • Completion of the definition part.
  • Some additional tests and markings in the new amendment for TV furniture.
  • New markings for all types of storage units: Any unit intended to be attached to the building shall be supplied with installation instructions.

This standard will replace the previous version from November 30, 2022. If a storage unit is imported to Europe after the date of withdrawal, a EN 14749+A1:2022 test report shall be provided when it’s controlled by market surveillance.

Our experts at API can help support your transition to this or any other regulatory changes.

Do you need more information about this or any other standards?


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Leveraging the power of customer reviews

Consumers have always had the power to vote with their wallets and decide what they do and don’t buy. But in today’s online world, they have the power to not only influence what they buy but what others buy.

Empowered by the connectivity of social networks and the democratization of information, consumers are taking control of where, when, and how they engage with brands. This has effectively given consumers a role in the supply chain as they demand more personalized products and expect brands to adapt to their needs.

Now they have been given a voice, consumers are increasingly willing to share their opinions publicly and seek out what others have to say. In some categories, consumers are reluctant to make purchases without independent recommendations. This has not only disrupted the traditional purchasing process but puts additional pressure on brands, who need to ensure they bring to the market products that live up to their promises.

According to a report from the technology company PowerReviews, customer reviews have become the single most important factor when making purchasing decisions, ranking above other elements such as price and recommendations from family and friends. 

How to make customer reviews work for your brand

One of the key benefits of reviews is that this feedback lets brands know whether a product is relevant to its audience and whether it’s better than its competitors’.

Although positive reviews can naturally benefit brands in enormous ways, negative product reviews can have drastic impacts. They can not only affect the sales of the product but can escalate to the point of harming the brand image as a whole.

That said, bad reviews also provide an opportunity to improve and show customers that the brand is actively listening and willing to bring improved products to the market that aligns with customers’ quality and safety expectations. Customer reviews can also help find niches in the market yet to be explored, based on what customers feel is missing in a product or would be nice to have.

Navigating the masses of online reviews and identifying real issues and their root causes to make valuable improvements is not always easy. It might require support from a third party who can assess and identify issues and establish the appropriate recommendations. 

Turning negative reviews into positive outcomes

At API, we help our customers improve quality and safety at the product development stage to meet consumer expectations through a dedicated program that uses five steps to:

  • help brands and retailers listen to and understand consumer feedback
  • identify the causes of bad ratings
  • establish recommendations for product improvements

What are the benefits for brands?
  • Better and differentiated products
  • Increased quality and safety
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Supplier empowerment
  • Better budget allocation

Interested in finding out how API can help you bring better products to the market? 

ebook Resources

Case Study: 2 Quality Assurance Solutions To Reduce Product Recalls

Case Study: 2 QA Solutions API Used to Help Retailers Optimize Their Processes

Learn how API helped one retailer reduce product recalls by 60% in a year and more!

Reduce Product Recalls - Ebook: 2 Quality Assurance Solutions API Used to Help Retailers Optimize Their Processes

As a retailer, you understand that your quality assurance systems are essential to every aspect of your supply chain and the ultimate growth of your business.

But, what happens when you decide to undergo process changes to facilitate growth and things take an unexpected turn for the worst?

Our new case study covers:

  • Retailer A decided to take procurement procedures into their own hands and didn’t have an adequate quality control and inspection system in place, resulting in over 50% of their shipment being held due to basic procedural non-compliances rendering them “pending”
  • Retailer B experienced many product recalls due to incomplete/unavailable technical compliance files, and found themselves in a place where there was a lack of resources to begin properly monitoring and reviewing all the technical requirements for all the products that needed to get to market
  • Help in improving their decision process on product quality assessment to deal with issues immediately before they became problems
  • Greater insights into the efficiency of their suppliers and their operational systems and structures, to help them to identify risk early on and provide long-term cost savings
  • With actionable, real time data and information, retailer A was able to streamline their processes and decrease their “pending” release shipment percentage from 65% to less than 15%
  • By implementing customized TCF software, retailer B reduced the amount of product recalls they experienced by 60% in a year

Ensuring that you are equipped to deal with supply chain issues as they arise is essential for your business. 

Learn more about how our customized quality assurance solutions helped retailers just like you by filling out the form and clicking ‘Download eBook’ to download your own copy.

ebook Resources

eBook: A Quality Assurance Optimization Guide For Regional Brands

Free Download: A Quality Assurance Optimization Guide For Regional Brands

This guide will help you to optimize your quality assurance procedures and empower you to improve your current quality systems through best practice.

A Quality Assurance Optimization Guide For Regional Brands

Striving for optimized quality assurance procedures should be seen as an opportunity for continued strategic and competitive advantage that can put your brand in a position for growth. 

In this eBook, “A Quality Assurance Optimization Guide For Regional Brands” we explore the challenges of QA and what strategies you can use to implement into your quality systems to maintain your competitive advantage. These procedures will not only enhance your brands quality, but also strengthen your credibility. 

Here’s a quick look at what’s inside the guide:

  • Quality challenges faced by regional retailers
  • Solutions that can be applied to your context 
  • Key take aways from global strategies. 

We wrote this eBook for any manager who understands that quality is the litmus test for how effectively a retailer is at implementing its QA strategy across its supply chain.

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Visual Guide: Why Every Company Should Get Environmental Auditing!

Free Visual Guide: Why Every Company Should Get Environmental Auditing!

Everything you need to know to promote employee awareness, comply with environmental regulations and save on costs!

A ‘must-have' solution for ethical retail brands

Modernization and the age of industry has propelled us all into the 21st century, but at a dire cost that is being paid by the very home that sustains us.

Ethical retail brands understand the need to address non-compliances in their supply chain. Gaining favor in the eyes of environmentally conscious consumers and making a positive impact all starts with an environmental audit.

Our comprehensive auditing visual guide covers:

  • Why you should adopt an EMS
  • Complying with ISO 14001
  • Types and scope of environmental audits
  • Essential pre-audit/post audit activities 
  • Key benefits and more…

Discover absolutely everything your brand needs to know to about this audit and how it can help you save on all fronts by filling in the form and clicking “Download eBook” to request it for FREE .